Save Our Sea IZU

photo: Yemanja

Here in Izu, we’ve been shaken out of our laid-back lives to do what we aren’t used to – fight against a (seemingly) earth-friendly cause. There’s a plan to build 260-meter wind turbines a mere kilometer offshore along our southern coastline.

We’re all for reducing greenhouse gases, but a wind farm of this magnitude is simply a mega development (read: destruction) project in disguise. Surely, there must be a better, more sustainable choice for this region.

Izu Peninsula is a designated National Park and UNESCO Global Geopark. Our beaches are a popular destination for surfers, divers and anyone who wishes to unwind and relax. We have been welcoming fans from all over the world. Izu would better serve the universe by staying just the way it is!

The SOS IZU site was set up for Izu lovers everywhere and anyone who’ll stand with us in protecting our sea of beauty, bounty and wonder. We’ll be adding English content as we go, so please watch this space, and spread the love!